WordPress 5.0

Hello friends, if you’re working with WordPress, here are some things to consider when working with release 5.0

The new focus is moving towards a more intuitive site-building experience. WordPress already leads the pack in terms of market share. And by improving site-building functionality, the core team aims to hold that market share against the rise of hosted website builders.

Improvements to the WordPress Rest API. The WordPress Rest API helps developers create more feature-rich products by making it easier to send and pull data from your website. This update means developers will be able to more easily create applications using the platform as a framework.

Building custom themes becomes easier. In the past, you needed at least a simple development background to put together a WordPress theme. With Gutenberg, theme creation will become much more accessible thanks to blocks.

Page builder plugins might lose some relevance. There are a lot of fantastic page-builder tools that you can use with WordPress, some of which rival professional platforms. Gutenberg won’t be a match for them at first, but it might dissuade people from using them in the long run.

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