Increase Engagement with Your Website Visitors

Yes, capturing the attention span of your website visitors in 2019 is daunting, but doable! Follow these quick tips and you’ll be in a happy place.

  1. Reverse engineer. Use a persona and become your customer.
  2. Background Video. Make a 10-18 second background video that auto-plays and loops on all devices with NO SOUND.
  3. Speed. You have .07 seconds to make an impression. Use insights from #1 above in creating your content. Your website needs to load in less than 2-3 seconds. 40% of people leave after 3 seconds.
  4. Unclutter. Make you home page it easy to navigate.
  5. Easy to contact. Create a chatbox, for example FB Messenger with auto-responses when you’re closed or away.
  6. Gather intel. Use abandoned/leave page pop-ups wisely. They work, but don’t overkill it.
  7. Fun and educate. Quick trivia and polls work. The idea is to get people to stay, have fun and engage with you.
  8. Integrate Social Media. Tell quick, authenticate and in-the-moment stories from social media channels. Video generates 1200% more shares than both images and text. The average viewer remembers 95% of a message when it is watched, whereas only 10% when read.
  9. Show up. Be consistent and on point with fonts, colors, and logos.
  10. Test on all devices. Call or email your friends and family and have them test your site on androids, iphones, ipads, desktop chrome, firefox, safari, edge, and opera. Have them send you an email and notate their device type and model, and how well your site presents on scale of 1-10.

Notation: Using personas is often a strange experience if you haven’t done so before. However, it’s very well worth the time and effort. You may uncover new opportunities and gain insights on how well you’re solving problems.