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Jan 3rd 2015

Snapchat Advertising to Millennials

We were recently asked about attracting Millennials to local businesses. First of all, what is a Millennial? Generally speaking, the age range is about 14 years old to early 30’s, and they spend 67 hours a week using media. Wow, that is more than most people sleep! Of the 67 hours, 35 is towards digital media – computers, tablets, gaming, mobile phones. 32 hours is towards traditional media – television, radio, magazines, and newspapers.

This, in turn, sparked a conversation about Snapchat. Without going into detail, Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send pictures and videos to other users that self-destruct in 10 seconds or less, supposedly forever. 46% to 30% of Millenials aged 14 to 24 are regular users. Usage steadily declines with age.

With a little research, we came across a yogurt shop using Snapchat to promote a coupon. It works like this: The user takes a selfie tasting or eating the company’s yogurt. The user snaps the pic to the yogurt shop. The yogurt shop, in return, snaps back a coupon, giving the user a discount of 16% to 50% off. Because the snap coupon will self destruct in less then 10 seconds, the user opens and shows the coupon to the cashier at the moment of cashing out.

The lesson learned is that the Yogurt shop expanded brand awareness through a platform easily understood by Millennials, and the shop harvested many new snapchat users for future promotions.

Audi Partners with The Onion to Snapchat the Superbowl Live

During Superbowl XLVIII, Audi turned to a strategic partnership with Snapchat and The Onion to raise awareness with the Millennial demographic . With the help of its agency-of-record, Huge and Onion Labs, the in-house creative services division of The Onion, humorous photos and captions were created in line with typical behavior people – or their pets – may exhibit during the game. The end results are pretty funny and grew Audi’s Snapchat following by more than 5,500 over the course of the game, reportedly one of the larger spikes Snapchat has ever seen.

Research data: Millennials Come of Age, by Experien Marketing Services. 2014

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