Hot Trends: Marketing Implications

Digital Media

If you’re considering a social media strategy this year, here are some thoughts you may want to consider:

Fact: Today’s buyers have graduated. They’re more educated about your product more than ever before. In fact, 57% to 70% of the buying decision is made before they talk to a sales rep. A full 94% of b2b of buyers research their purchases before buying.

Implication: Make sure your online content searchable, easy to find and readily available. Don’t overwhelm, be concise. And, by all means, make sure your content is mobile and tablet friendly.

Fact: 97% of b2b buyers trust content more if it includes peer reviews and user-generated content. 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations.

Implication: If your site does not have peer review capabilities because of technology limitations or a fear of bad reviews, try using testimonials, preferably from clients with name or brand recognition.

Fact: Organic reach has dropped from 13% in 2013 to 6% in 2014 for all Facebook pages. In fact 1,500 stories appear in the average Facebook user’s news feed every time they log in.

Implication: The days where a marketer can drive measurable business results at impactful volumes through organic methods alone are basically over. You’ll need to put dollars into digital media distribution for your marketing efforts to really pick up speed – paid social is now the highway.

Automation Connect & Disconnect

Fact: 70% of companies use overlapping software solutions and workflows across various channels. 87% of the top performing firms employ a Marketing Automation Platform. Interesting, only 10% consider their automation processes fully integrated, and only 32% feel they use the full capabilities of the software solutions they employ.

Implication: A marketing automation platform can bridge the gap between email, web forms and segmentation if integrated and employed properly.

Fact: 86% of buyers surveyed desire more visual and interactive content. Companies that include video in their content mix see a 66% higher conversion rate.

Implication: The shorter the video, the more likely a viewer will push the play button. 60-90 seconds tends to be the sweet spot.

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