Funding Your Project

If you have a finance need of $4,250 to $10,000 (for cost of website presence, social media marketing, inventory or equipment) Danapros Consulting can help you apply for a 0% interest loan that is a crowdsourced and community backed loan program, organized through Kiva.

Rather than assessing credit history and financial statements, Kiva U.S. relies on your trust networks as a measure of creditworthiness. For that reason, applicants are required to secure a trustee or their initial lenders from within their own network prior to fundraising on the Kiva website.

These interest free business loans will be funded by a network of individuals who will learn about your business goals and your region through, the world’s oldest and largest nonprofit microlender supporting people who are creating a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

  • $1,000 start-up and social media presence.
  • $5,000 6 months operations and active social media presence.
  • $10,000 2 yrs operations and strong social media presence.
  • Get a 0% interest loan.
  • Market your business.
  • Build business credit.


As a co-founder of Danapros in 2010 and a 1997 graduate of Pepperdine University I have worked with dozens of small businesses and understand the challenges and time it takes to make a business successful. All conversations are confidential.

I enjoy traveling and working with clients between Los Angeles, Ventura County and Santa Barbara. My business partner and co-founder, Dana Clinton, manages our Silicon Valley business projects.




Start a loan application with the support of a Danapros website advisor/business development professional.


Gather investments from 5-30 friends and neighbors, each contributing as little as $25.


Your live campaign will be visible to 1.6 million Kiva users around the world. You’ll receive a PayPal transfer within 5 days of being completely funded.


Your first repayment will be due 30 days from the disbursement, with monthly installments thereafter. The maximum repayment schedule is 36 months.


Remember: this is a loan. In the application process we will show you that you will be able to pay back the community of funders supporting you. Qualifying is based on your business and social networks, not your personal creditworthiness.