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Fullscreen Video Website Delivers as Promised

Danapros Consulting recently unveiled a stunning and responsive 100% fullscreen website for an upscale bar in the San Fancisco – Oakland East Bay.

Using a beautiful HD video, Danapros was able to configure the website to auto-play across devices, delivering a powerful user interface.

The recent emergence of fullscreen video backgrounds have ushered in a new era of website design.

“I believe we’re one of the very few, if not the first – website development firm to use a HD video that auto plays on all devices”, says Dan Williams. “Sure, anyone can add a fullscreen video background that auto-plays on desktop. Danapros, however, was able to design, code, and deliver a wonderful fullscreen HD video experience that auto-plays on mobile is a game changer”.

The combination of internet speed and new browser technology makes it possilble for 100% videos to gain major traction. “Responsive auto-play was the key develepment for us”, he added. “And every single nano-second mattered, for this client in particular”, he added.

Fullscreen video websites can be an enormous benefit to industries when the value propostion can be delivered visually.

For a bar in an upscale neighborhood in the East Bay meant they had apply visual branding along with minimal user exercise. “We wanted people to feel good, sexy, in the party mindset”, he continued.

“This works because it’s classy bar with a deep wood texture, where you can sip a custom cocktail, or dance to some smooth tunes”. “We want you to feel like your in the bar, enjoying yourself, no stress, no deadlines”.


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