Creative Services

Why Choose Danapros?

Have you ever seen…

• a private aircraft go overhead with some nutty marriage proposal or a silly picture or statement  on some banner trying to get you to try a new product or service?
• some kooky person on the corner of a busy intersection twirling some sign trying to lure you in to some store or another?
• a wacky commercial that you just could not turn away from even though you had no clue as to what they were advertising for until the very end?
• a bald looking person walking around in some crowded tourist attraction with a tattoo on their forehead or the back of their shaved head like some roaming billboard?
• Welcome to the world of creative ways to promote your business. To get an idea as to what this involves, read on.

The best way to get attention for your business or product is by advertising. But with so many different billboards, commercials, magazine ads and everything else, it can be very hard to get your product noticed, especially if you are only just beginning in your business ventures. The way to get yourself the attention you need is by doing something so outrageous that people will have no choice but to stop and look.

Hosting a contest has never been easier thanks to social media and the world wide web. Though you can hold a contest in person, you can also simply set up a page on your business’ website as a contest page. To really get people’s attention, you should hold a contest that is out of the ordinary. Think of something that would be related to your business or a product you want to promote and base the contest of of that. For example: to launch a product, you could hold a contest where you could have people send in pictures of the strangest ways they can think to use that product. Other examples of wacky contests are: messy desk contest, pet/owner look alike contest, ugly tie contest. The possibilities are truly endless. You just need to be creative.

Novelty-ads are ads that are designed to get people’s attention. An improv company in Washington, DC, rode the metro trains with no pants to drum up a buzz for their group. And the NYC Library System had a “ghost” get chased off by a group of actors dressed as the Ghostbusters to solicit donations to prevent some branches of the library from being closed down. Your novelty ad doesn’t need to be as extreme as this, but in both these cases both groups were given free media attention in the newspapers, radio and local television stations. Anything you can do that might gain your company or product some media exposure (that isn’t illegal) can help get customers looking for you.

Get your video on to the internet. There are literally thousands of videos posted on YouTube and other video-sharing sites. Many of these videos will lead the viewer back to a website where they can find more information. You can use this to your advantage. But you must have a video that is going to stand out. You must do something related to your product, but you also need to do a video that is going to make people look at it and say, “Are you kidding me?” Type in “viral videos” into your favorite search engine to get some ideas of the types of stunts you can pull to get people looking at your video and therefore your business or product.

There is no one out there better suited to get your product some attention than you. There are very simple ideas for getting yourself, and therefore your business or product, attention. Dress in something outrageous that has to do with your product. If you sell power tools, walk through a busy part of your city or town with overalls and about a thousand tools strapped to yourself. Or create a tiny billboard and attach it to the top of a hat and walk around like that. Sure, people are going to stare at you, but that’s exactly what you want. While you’re out, don’t forget to have some people take pictures, and post them on your website.

So, thinking outside of the box in an edgy and perhaps kooky way has become an acceptable and clever way of utilizing the zaniness of our culture in order to promote your business!