It Ties Everything Together

Communication is the piece of the puzzle that ties everything together. It explains to people that you have solved a big problem they have, and once they understand that, they will line up (at least metaphorically) to give you their money or in the case of cause-driven organizations, their emotional capital. That’s no small point. Yes, the fundamental reason for linking Insight, Idea, and Communication is to make the innovation process work as well as it can. But the real purpose is to make your organization successful. To do that, Communication must be the last step in the process.

Because innovation is a three-legged stool (Insight – Idea – Communication), if you get the Insight and Idea right but the Communication wrong, your launch will tip over. In other words, not stand up to the competition. A terrific product, poorly communicated, ends up in the same place as a so-so product with wonderful communication: struggling to find a customer.