Not Done Overnight

An effective brand is like the distinctive ‘DNA’ of your entire company.  The business inclined know that brand establishment is much more than just a name and fancy logo.

Branding is not something that is done overnight. It is a multi-faceted process that begins with the creation of a decent product. Once your company combines that with quality service, you can then turn to the creation of a brand which has business practicality and a keen sense of conveying just what your product stands for.

Think of Nike, one of the most successful brands world-wide. Sure, most definitely their company name, and even more so their company logo, are hugely important aspects of that brand. It is really the mental image which is conjured up in an individuals mind that really is representative of what their brand stands for. One knows that even if they are not particularly interested in a certain type of shoe, or style and design of a shirt or hat, that they can be certain of the products good quality and high standards. That is what a great brand does. That’s when a person knows that it is not a question of choosing a different company, but finding within that company the style of shoe, shirt, or hat, that suits their taste. The point here is not that your company has to have a multitude of items to offer, but that it develops a customer base which has faith, confidence, and loyalty in that your brand assures them that what they are buying is of the highest quality.

The benefit that developing your product into an effective brand includes

a) a memorable identity
b) a professional image
c) customer loyalty
d) customer belief in company reliability
e) target audience exposure
f) promotable products
g) word of mouth advertising:


Be mindful in focusing the attention in creating for your company a brand that covers three critical elements: the visual aspects of your brand packaging so that it is easily identifiable and pleasing to the eye; the emotional aspect of your brand packaging so that it evokes a particular positive emotion within the consumer; the rational aspect of your brand packaging so that it speaks to why the consumer, because of its usefulness and practicality, should choose your product.

To get there, pay particular attention to the integration of web development, marketing, advertising, and the ever increasing importance of ‘social media’ realities in order to create for your company a brand which encompasses so much more than simply a name and logo.